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Powered By Cats

Powered By Cats was officially formed in the summer of 2010 after five years of staff and permalance post-production employment. Originally created to host my commercial reel and archive of narrative short films edited during and after my time at NYU film school, the intent was to help book freelance editing jobs with commercial agencies and production companies.

And then Occupy happened.

Following a several month break from media work, my interest began to respark after the mass-media blackout on May Day 2012 and failure of Occupy media to appropriately respond.

Powered By Cats is moving into a new phase with its involvement with The Radical Resistance Tour, a six-week road trip around the perimeter of the United States that will stop in nearly 20 cities to interview people – radicals, anti-capitalists, environmentalists, occupiers, homeowners, etc., who are fighting to improve their communities. While RRT is on the road, I am in NYC collecting the footage and editing web-episodes of each city.

This project is everything I have ever wanted to work on. It has the potential to be weeks, or months of work, and will hopefully result in nearly two-dozen episodes for the web. We are tentatively talking about a feature length documentary that could combine all the cities into one piece.

After spending a few weeks with Occupy, I knew there was no going back. I had to dedicate my time and my life to Occupy Wall Street, to the struggle for social and economic justice with the most incredible, diverse, complicated, and passionate community I had ever been a part of.

And now I’m trying to fulfill my dreams for what Powered By Cats has always wanted to be – a mobile video post-production company solely focused on supporting and furthering the work of people and organizations dedicated to social and economic justice in their communities.

Powered By Cats seeks to be a publicly funded, financially crowd-sourced media company. With the support of our audience we can create media supporting organizations without working within the corporate media structure.


Brett Goldberg


Brett is an editor with over 10 years of editorial experience. Before launching PBC, Brett began his professional career in the Digital Media Department of Psyop, one of New York City’s premier animation and design firms. Brett edited commercial spots, boardomatics, animatics, director’s cuts and cut downs in addition to providing technical and creative support. His work was featured on Motionographer and in Time Magazine. After three years with Psyop, Brett transitioned to non-scripted and documentary television as an assistant editor on Room Raiders, a dating show for MTV, followed by a year long residency with Happy Owl Media as a Junior Editor on The Shift, a one-hour documentary series following homicide detectives in Indianapolis. The Shift routinely broke its own records as the highest rated show on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Brett regularly collaborates with Generate.Change, a production company that creates media content to raise awareness and promote non-profit organizations performing humanitarian work throughout the world.

Recent companies that Brett has collaborated with includes Perception, Logan, Ladies & Gentlemen, Brand New School, and The New Museum.

And then Occupy happened.

Since November of 2011, Brett has been a full-time organizer and activist with Occupy Wall Street in NYC. First working mostly with the Facilitation Working Group, Brett now focuses on empowerment and education through direct action by collaborating with Strike Debt, the F the Banks campaign, and developing actions with the Direct Action Working Group. In order to help support the needs of the Occupy Community, Brett also works with the Mutant Legal Collective and Jail Support network to help ensure no comrade is left abandoned to the prison industrial system. Over the last few weeks Brett has begun to combine his media experience with his passion for social justice taking Powered By Cats from a corporate-job funded company to one that is people-powered and crowd source funded.




Nelson is the backbone of Powered By Cats. He joined the Team in 2005, five years before the official launch, and has been powering our hearts and minds ever since. What he may lack in depth perception, he more than makes up for in spunk, tenacity, and love.

Revolutions Per Minute: 27




Although she may not realize it, Belle rounded out the Powered By Cats team in 2006.  Known around the office for being “cute as a button, dumb as a rock,” Belle reminds us to not take things too seriously.  Sometimes you just have to stare off into space and meow at the wall.

Revolutions Per Minute: 42